JIC FLT-A2 Coilover Install - 2004 Mazda RX8



JIC Coilover Install - 2004 Mazda RX8

JIC coilover install
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Ok, after the JIC Coilovers were installed, there was no way to adjust them without taking the shock/spring assembly out of the car. We came up with a primative, yet VERY effective way to adjust the coilover dampning rate without undoing a single bolt!:

We started with 1/4" ID hose (acutally 6.35mm). We used Fuel Injection hose, because it is more durable and less prone to breaking if you twist it a lot. The install is pretty simple to do. Drop the coilover, lower bolt and upper retaining bolts, including the side brace. Don't forget the 12mm under the spring plate.

First of all, take the hose and a file, and ream the hose out a bit. You could probably use 3/8" hose and a hose clamp, but that was too big in diameter for our use. We squirted some silicon lube on the inside of the hose and routed through a top hole. Work the hose over the top of the dampner adjuster until it's over the knurled portion. Then use a zip tie or a metal clamp just to be sure! Here's a few pics of the install, click on an image to view it full screen:
 Here you can see the hose sticking out, we cut it about 4" back, and are able to adjust the dampning on the fly!!!!

Overall, this is not a difficult mod, and you are better to do it during installation of the coilovers, or even when the koni shocks come out! The size might differ on the top of the adjuster, so take care to have plenty of supplies on hand, and do it right from the start!
We do have some more pics in the swankmonkey.com photo album here!

JIC coilover install
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