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Sorry about the broken images, they are back online now!

How to install an aftermarket HID Xenon lighting kit into your Nissan Titan

We sourced a decent HID retro-fit kit from a company called We must first state that any retro fit HID kit is going to be for off-road use only! Keep that in mind before you make a decision to purchase a kit.

After doing some research, we decided on the 6500k retrofit conversion kit, which is touted as a 100% plug and play kit. The low beam on the Nissan Titan is a 9006 bulb. Also through the research we found this FAQ to be really the summation of EVERYTHING!.
proxenon plug and play kit

So let's get to the installation! Start by working on the driver's side. Turn the front wheels all the way to the right. You will see under the fender towards the front, a funky clip. Simply pull the tab out and you can then wiggle the liner down. Also on the front side of the liner, is a philips screw. Remove it, and then you should be able to bend the fender liner back. This will give you access to the low beam light. Undo the connector, and twist the halogen bulb right out of it's socket.
fender tab   stock socket and connector

Take one of the hid bulbs out of it's packaging, and put it into the headlight, and twist it gently so that it locks into place. You should have a few wires dangling out of the back of the light. Look for two spade connectors. These will tap into the OEM connector. If you look at the wires on the OEM connector, red is indeed positive on mine. Use a voltmeter to 2x check the connections. After that, put the other connectors on the red ballast. Note the clip on connector, the retaining tabs in this example face outward (it can fit in the opposite direction, so be careful!)
OEM connector with spades inserted   outside connector on the ballast

That's all you need to test it! Now we clean the ballast and mount some double sided tape for mounting. Under the headlight is a plastic tray where the ballast will fit very nicely. We chose to put the ballast there, and put the connectors facing forward. You can also see this area if you look from the top of the truck and look down behind the headlight. Clean this tray area well and let it dry. Use strips of the 3m tape that comes with the kit. Click on some of the pictures to see exactly where I mounted mine.
3m tape applied to the ballast   ballast mounted location 1   ballast mount, pic from above the headlight   ballast looking through wheel/fender

Cinch everyting up where needed with the included zip ties, and repeat on the passenger side! Here's a few pics of the lights installed first two are with the drivers' HID and passenger halogen. Next two are with all the hid xenons's installed.
hid driver side, halogen passenger   hid on the driver side, halogen on passenger   hid xenons on both sides   both sides hid xenons, just like sunshine

So we now have a great kit installed on the Titan. We took about 1 hour and that was going very slow and taking pictures. Just take your time, use a volt meter, and everything should be just fine!

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