Exhaust - 2005 Subaru WRX STi



Exhaust - 2005 Subaru WRX STi

Cobb TBE Exhaust for the 2005 Subaru STi

We sourced the Cobb TBE Exhaust with high flow cat.
Installation was very straight forward. Here are some various pictures during the installation of the TBE Exhaust on the 2005 STi.

The TBE exhaust barely unpacked from the shipping boxes.

Wide collector mouth on the downpipe section.

A few dings from shipping? Will that rob .001 hp?

Picture of the engine bay. Turbo and DP start are in the top left of the engine bay, but you knew that already!

Heatshields around the turbo are a PITA to remove.

Stock exhaust next to the Cobb TBE.

Comparison of Downpipe mouth openings. Note the stock DP is very restrictive around the wastegate area.

Center section comparison.


New DP mounted to the turbo. Note the fitting at the top that will take our Wideband O2 sensor ;)



Picture of muffler section mounted under the car.

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