Turbo Downpipe - VW 2000 GTI 1.8T



ATP 3" Turbo Downpipe - VW 2000 GTI 1.8T

Shown here is the 3" downpipe with the Race Section that replaces the cat. **for off-road use only**
ATP 3 inch Downpipe

The ATP 3" Downpipe (at the Deviant:Speed store) is a must have addition to the 1.8T engine. Dyno proven by the manufacturer for about 15 more HP, this should be done at the same time as chipping! Here we see a comparison between the stock section and the ATP downpipe section

Stock vs ATP 3 inch downpipe
The stock section takes a few bends and is so small compared to the ATP product. You can hear the turbo "whine" a bit more with this upgrade, but most of us LIKE that sound!. Also, the car is crazy with just the race section, but initial average slow launches suffer a bit. To stay legal, get the 3" Hi-flow cat section. It's only marginally slower than with the race section, but low end "idle" torque is way up!

Also EGT's are under control with this mod!

3" DP + race section results in a peak of about 250 degrees less

3" DP + 3" cat section results in a peak of about 200 less off the chart, peak

More here: Exhaust Gas Temps

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