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Directions for wiring up [2002 or older] factory headlights with fogs in your 2003 GTI

Factory Fog lights lit up on a 2003 model
As you all know by now, as of this writing, new 2003 GTI's in the USA don't come with fog lights. I acquired some used headlamps and this how-to will mostly discuss the wiring (There is no factory wire in the harness for the fogs.

As you can see in the picture above, this is a headlight harness. If you look, you will see were we removed the little rubber plug to attach a factory repair kit wire. Compare the harness to where it connects to the headlight cluster to see where you need to add the wire. If you look closely on the harness, you'll see a pink ring. This pink ring needs to be slid out to the side before the wire is added.

Basically add a wiring repair kit end, and the lock the pink tab back.

You'll have to run wires to a factory fog headlight switch or use a commonly sold "euro switch", and add one repair kit end.

I didn't use a relay, but wiring one up would be recommended. I'll probably do this next weekend. The other wire coming out of the factory headlight connector was used to do the rear fog light mod.

So this is pretty basic, but shows that you have to add the wiring pieces, but in the end it's worth having fogs on your 03!

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