VW GLI/GTI Various Tricks and Mods - 2006 VW Jetta GLI GTI 2.0T FSI



VW GLI/GTI Various Tricks and Mods - 2006 VW Jetta GLI GTI 2.0T FSI

Here's a list of some tricks that can be done on the 2.0T engine found in the VW GTI and GLI. Topics are in bold and currently cover: Y Pipe Eliminator | Descreening the MAF | Resetting Fuel Trims | Forge DV for 2.0T under $200 shipped!!!

Y Pipe Eliminator: Right before the throttle body on the GLI/GTI is a Y pipe that leads to a resonator. It goes to left side of the engine cover and people mistake it for a coolant line. It's just that, a noise maker that the turbo has to fill up with boost! How can we get around it? Use a pipe from an A3 and delete this performance robbing noise maker! PN: 1K0 145 770 K
$32.84 on 6/20/2006

This is the straight intake pipe that can be put into place of the Y pipe.

Descreening the MAF can be done on various cars. The best way to see if you can do it on a MKV is to log intake values using a vag-com.

Once you get the intake/engine cover off, the maf screen just pops right out. Worth a few extra hp? If you have the time, you may want to try!

Reset fuel trims: If you have a vag-com, reset codes, even if you don't have them. Fuel trims will baseline and you can start over. This could mean several extra hp for a dyno day. Or you could lose several hp for a dyno day ;). You'll need to experiment for the best results!

Brand new Forge DV (FMFSITV), 2.0T FSI, under $200 shipped: Add the Forge DV to your shopping cart from here at Deviant:Speed. Use coupon code forge20tdv200 when you check out. It will show up after you login to paypal if you select that method of payment. I see that it's only for the lower 48 states... lowest price on a brand new Forge valve with free shipping!!!!

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