Turbodiesel Pumpe Düse - VW 2005 Passat TDi Turbo Diesel 2.0



Turbodiesel Pumpe Düse - VW 2005 Passat TDi Turbo Diesel 2.0

134 hp 2.0L Turbodiesel Pumpe Düse (unit-injector). The fuel injectors are electronically controlled, and are located inside each combustion chamber. Each one creates very high pressure (29k lbs per square inch) to atomize and more precisely meter fuel entering the chamber. The plus side to this technology is more power and a diesel engine that is much quieter.

The Passat Diesel is rated at 27/38 mpg city/highway. Driving in mixed city and rush hour traffic with frequent WOT runs, it's hard for me to not get anything below 30 mpg.

Here in Las Vegas, Diesel fuel is hovering right around low-grade unleaded pricing. That's less than $2.50 right now, and with the room of the Passat Wagon (Variant), it's hard to beat the room, power, and fuel economy.

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